Warm and Safe

The concept behind Warm & Safe Heated Gear started in 1992 when company founder and world traveler Mike Coan was motorcycling in Europe in October and riding over the mountains between France and Germany. He was so cold that he put socks over his gloves. When he got back to Oregon, he bought some of the heated clothing that was on the market and soon found out just how simplistic it was. Mike contacted a fellow biker and the first Heat-troller analog solid state PWM controller was born. The modern age of motorcycle heated gear was started, and Warm & Safe is still a leader in the market. Warm & Safe products are designed by motorcyclists.

Warm & Safe developed the heated jacket liner with stretch panels so it could be worn body tight. They developed the heat panel system for fast and safe warmth without the bulk insulation others were using. The Warm & Safe Heated Liner Jackets are made to be light weight and thin, using non-coated Microfiber Polyester as a breathable, wind & moisture block. A heated Polar Fleece collar provides comfort while wicking away moisture. The stretch panels are now made of wind block material to eliminate cold zones. The liner is designed to be temperature neutral so that you can leave home wearing your gear and not have to stop by the side of the road to dress and undress as you ride through warm and cold zones. The Generation 4 has reflective added to it so they can be worn as a jacket at night.

The pants use wind block in the front to stop loss of heat due to wind wicking. Our gloves produce more heat with less bulk than any other heated gloves on the market. And we were the first to develop the Remote Control Heat Controller. So many of our products have been copied by others. Reflecting our knowledge of design, there are integrated plugs for connecting gloves and pants that are hidden in small zippered pockets when not in use. Women’s products are designed for women in fit, finish, and layout of heat panels. We still invent and innovate new products like our Heat Layer Shirt. As for dual power, since the products run off the motorcycle battery and can run off any other battery and with a 120V to 12V power adapter it can be plugged to wall outlets, our products are multi-power!

Warm & Safe Catalog

Every Warm & Safe Liner comes with a stowing pouch so that you can pack it away using minimal space when not in use. We developed the use of the DC Coax Plug and Jack for Heated Clothing which gives a better connection, are smaller, and other brands are using them now.

Warranty: Clothing has a defect warranty of one year and a heat element of 3 years. Gloves of 1 year on defects and wires. Controllers have a 3 year on defects.

Warm & Safe Heated Gear is proudly distributed in the United States by Tucker Powersports.

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