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VP Racing Lubricants® has expanded its aerosol products with the addition of new Silicone Detailer, Foam and Fiber Filter Oils, Foam and Fiber Filter Cleaner, Contact Cleaner, Chain Lube, Multi-Purpose Lubricant, and Chain Cleaner. VP Lubricants are formulated within a national quality assurance system to meet and exceed the toughest industry standards and stringent international OEM specifications. VP Lubricants deliver maximum protection and guaranteed performance.

VP Racing Foam Filter Oil – 13 oz

VP Racing Lubricants Foam Filter Oil is formulated to deliver excellent performance by maximizing airflow while preventing harmful particulates and dirt from getting through the filter.

  • Specially formulated not to clog the filter or cause runoff
  • Compatible with all fiber and gauze filters
  • Water-resistant

Part Number: 152343 | Retail Price $9.99

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VP Foam Filter Oil

VP Racing Fiber Filter Oil – 13 oz.

VP Racing Lubricants Fiber Filter Oil is specially formulated for excellent performance, maximizing airflow while reducing harmful particulates and dirt from getting through the filter.

  • Water-resistant to prevent clogging the filter or running off
  • For use with all fiber/gauze filters

Part Number: 152344 | Retail Price $9.99

– – –

VP Fiber Filter Oil

VP Racing Foam and Fiber Filter Cleaner – 13 oz.

VP Racing Lubricants® Foam and Fiber Filter Cleaner is formulated to clean both types of filters to remove dirt, grime, and oil from the filter, quickly and easily.

  • Won’t damage the filter media, extending the life
  • Also works as an engine and general-purpose degreaser

Part Number: 152348 | Retail Price $9.99

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VP Foam Fiber Cleaner

VP Racing Chain Lube – 13 oz.

VP Racing Lubricants Chain Lube is formulated to provide unsurpassed lubrication to extend the life of the chain and sprocket. The formula will not fling off or collect dirt, providing excellent protection against rust and corrosion in all conditions.

  • No sling formula eliminates mess and keeps the product in place
  • Dries clear for a clean look

Part Number: 152345 | Retail Price $9.99

– – –

VP Chain Lube

VP Racing Chain Cleaner – 13 oz.

VP Racing Lubricants Chain Cleaner is designed to cut through and dissolve dirt, grime, grease and old chain lube to make cleaning the chain easier.

  • Extra propellant helps the solvent penetrate deep into the build-up
  • Dries with no residue, no need to rinse with water
  • Safe for O-Ring, X-Ring, Z-Ring and standard chains

Part Number: 152346 | Retail Price $9.99

– – –

VP Chain Cleaner

VP Racing Contact Cleaner – 13 oz.

VP Racing Lubricants Contact Cleaner is formulated to clean carbon, oil and grease on all electrical contact points. It can be used to clean electrical components, spark plugs and other applications where a fast-drying product, with no residue, is needed.

  • Dries quickly with no residue
  • Harmless to plastic and rubber

Part Number: 152349 | Retail Price $9.99

– – –

VP Contact Cleaner

VP Racing Multi-Purpose Lubricant – 13 oz.

VP Racing Lubricants Multi-Purpose Lubricant is designed with advanced anti-wear additives to protect against rust and corrosion while cleaning, lubricating, and displacing water.

  • Great for lubing levers, cables, kickstands, pegs, linkage and other parts that can be difficult to disassemble
  • Penetrates to loosen nuts, bolts and seized engine components
  • Safe on most surfaces

Part Number: 152358 | Retail Price $9.99

– – –

VP Multi purpose Lubricant

VP Racing Silicone Detailer – 13 oz.

VP Racing Lubricants Silicone Detailer is formulated with a dry silicone base to provide a superior finish that resists dirt and dust, allowing for easier cleanup and added protection on all treated surfaces. Safe for use on all surfaces, excluding critical components like brakes, tires, seats, grips and other surfaces where a slick finish wouldn’t be safe.

  • Keeps rubber from drying out
  • Renews faded or lightly scratched surfaces
  • Protects for winter storage

Part Number: 152347 | Retail Price $9.99

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VP Silicone Detailer

VP Racing Fuels are proudly distributed in the United States by Tucker Powersports.

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