Shocker Data Sheet

Everything you want to know about Shocker Batteries, and then some.

Shocker batteries are explicitly developed for V-Twins and offered at a very competitive price. These factory-activated and sealed AGM-style batteries are assembled in a robust stock appearing ABS case with a matte black finish. The terminals are a flush mount design with dual connection points (14-amp models have one connection point) and captive internal nuts for a fumble-free installation.

The impressive list of features includes extra thick plates for extreme vibration resistance, a heat-sealed cover to protect against leakage and corrosion, and fully sealed posts. Independent laboratory testing parameters include high-rate discharge, ten-hour discharge, vibration, short circuit, and zero-degree Fahrenheit cold cranking amp tests. Also, these units were subject to extreme field-testing conditions during their development.

For even more detail about Twin Power Shocker Batteries, here are the technical data sheets.


Shocker Data Sheet tpz14h bs

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