Twin Power, known for its high-quality parts and accessories for the American V-Twins, is proud to introduce a new Six Gallon Bag in a Box Oil Program for Dealers. The new program is ideal for service-oriented shops by offering a unique solution for stocking multiple lubricants (up to six products) on one convenient dispenser rack that takes up no more space than a single 55 Gallon drum.

Twin Power Oil Rack

With the Twin Power Bag in a Box Oil Program, there are no disposal or containment hassles.  The unique packaging dispenses all of the product without any mess or loss. A heavy-duty welded steel rack, plus six (6) convenient dispensing jugs (P/N 431040) are supplied at no charge with a $600.00 product purchase. And unlike other bulk oil on the market, Twin Power uses only the same high-quality product it offers in bottles.

“Twin Power is focused on bringing to market unique and innovative products to support our dealers,” says James Simonelli, Twin Power Brand Manager. “With multiple lubricants available that require no more shop space than a single 55-gallon drum in addition to saving the dealer $1.00 per quart, this new program is sure to be a hit.”

Products available through the Twin Power Bag in a Box Oil Program include:

539026 | 20W50 Conventional Oil

539027 | 20W50 Synthetic Oil

539028 | Primary Lube

539029 | 85W140 Gear Oil

For more information about the Twin Power Bag in a Box Oil Program, see your Tucker Powersports sales representative. Dealers heading to the 2020 Tucker Show can visit Twin Power in booth number 507.

About Twin Power
Since 1982, Twin Power has been designing and producing quality parts and accessories for the American V-Twin enthusiast. Driven by the same passion that fuels the American V-Twin scene, Twin Power is relentless in its pursuit of quality, functionality, and value. They will not offer a Twin Power product to their customers unless they are proud to sport it on one of their own rides. More information can be found at

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