Tucker Team Spotlight: Tiffany Miller

From industry lifers to ex-pro racers to custom bike builders and everything in between, there are hundreds of compelling stories to be told by (and about) Tucker and MAG employees. With so many talented and passionate enthusiasts among the Tucker and MAG staffs, the time was right to create a monthly editorial feature to share employees’ stories. Each month in the “Tucker Team Spotlight Series,” we’ll choose an employee and share his or her story about living the powersports life.

In our first Tucker Team Spotlight, we learn more about Tucker Product Information Specialist, Tiffany Miller. After graduating from Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Tiffany spent the next three years as a behavioral therapist before going to work in powersports dealerships in the Austin, Texas, where she worked as a Parts Associate, Apparel Specialist, and Service Coordinator. An avid motocross rider, Tiffany brings her enthusiasm and passion for two-wheels to the Tucker Product Information Department. Get to know Tiffany Miller in our first Tucker Team Spotlight.

Tucker Powersports: Tiffany, tell us a little about yourself, where you grew up, and how you first got started riding.

Tiffany Miller: Well, a little about myself: I’m a cat person, and I enjoy playing videogames, specifically Xbox. I seriously love my cats more than anything, except my boyfriend, Ryan. I grew up in the “sticks,” outside of Cleveland, Ohio. It was really cold most of the year, with a lot of snow. I got into riding because of my dad. He always had sportbikes and wrenched at the local road race track for his friends. Their team was dubbed “Red Fox Racing,” named after the neighborhood we lived in at the time. He also had an ‘89 GSXR1100, fully built for drag racing, and I would go with him in the summers as his pit crew. Over the years, I had a few dirt bikes, and rode around the fields on our property. Racing motocross was not in the budget for our family, so I just stuck to cruising around.

TP: Whether it’s doing laps at the motocross track, logging miles on the trail, or four-wheeling with friends, powersports tends to get its hooks into us and not let go. What sparked your passion for powersports?

TM: The focus for me growing up was to go to college and get a degree. After graduating, I worked as a behavioral therapist for nearly three years. During that time, I purchased my first sportbike, a 2005 CBR600RR. I quickly signed up for my first track day, and that was what truly sparked my interest in powersports. I went to MotoGP in Austin in 2016, and it was at that moment where I told myself I would do everything I could to live out my dream of working in the powersports industry. Three years later, here I am!

Tucker Team Spotlight: Tiffany Miller

A track day on her 2005 CBR600RR sparked Miller’s interest to work in the powersports industry.

TP: What’s a favorite powersports-related experience that stands out as an epic moment you’ll never forget?

TM: Losing my lunch (foot-long hot dog with grilled onions on top) in a Porta-Potty between motos at Glen Helen Raceway. It was my first race ever, the World Vet Championship in 2017. I’ll never forget rolling up to the track, seeing that it was literally up the side of a mountain, and thinking, “what the heck am I doing here?” But, I finished, empty stomach and all! It was absolutely incredible (laughs).

TP: Changing directions, you went to college and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. After graduation, was there a specific career path you had in mind, using your degree? Or was powersports always in the back of your mind as a career choice?

TM: Of course, I had all the intentions of using my degree, which I did, for almost three years as a children’s therapist. But it truly takes a special person to do that job as a career, for however many years until retirement. I definitely wasn’t having fun and decided that I wanted to be one of those people who truly felt like they didn’t actually go to work. I left the Psychology field and moved into the dealerships, which ultimately led me to Tucker Powersports. I dropped out in the middle of a master’s program when I decided to do motorcycle stuff as a living, and I don’t regret any of it one bit.

Tucker Team Spotlight: Tiffany Miller

With a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, Miller spent three years as a behavioral therapist before changing directions to work in the powersports industry.

TP: Before coming to work at Tucker, you worked as a Parts Associate, Apparel Specialist, and Service Coordinator in powersports dealerships. Is there one facet of working in a dealership you enjoyed more over the others? If so, why?

TM: I enjoyed being a Parts Associate the most because I love coming up with solutions to solve customers’ problems. I grew up helping my dad in the garage and understood a lot of the basics, and while in the dealerships, I worked steadily with my service technicians. This is a male-dominated industry, so to be a woman who not only rides but was able to diagnose common problems and be of assistance to others, it felt good. It always felt the best when I was looked down on because of my age and gender, but proved myself in the end.

TP: Tell us about your role at Tucker as a Product Information Analyst. What does a day in the life of a Product Information Analyst look like?

TM: You can pretty much find me hanging out at my desk, with eight million different tabs and windows open on my computer. I’m generally working on multiple tasks at the same time, ranging from new product imports, marketing jobs, updating existing product information, and playing pranks on my coworkers.

TP: Having worked in a dealership (both on the parts and service sides) must be a huge help when working with product information. Would you say that’s the case?

TM: Absolutely. I bring with me a wealth of knowledge that has been utilized in many areas of our company now. I have personally used, installed, and studied Tucker products as well as competitor products over the years while in dealerships, which ultimately helps me provide our dealers and consumers with the best information available in regards to the products we carry.

Tucker Team Spotlight: Tiffany Miller

Miller loves cats more than just about anything—except her boyfriend.

TP: What’s something unique that you bring to the Tucker Team because of your life experiences?

TM: Growing up, my parents were never keen on me competing in motocross. I dreamed one day of having a true race bike. My father told me that until I was out on my own, he would never support me getting my motorcycle license, racing, or anything else that could potentially kill me, which was totally understandable. But I envied the kids who had parents that pushed racing. I would have killed to have been given the opportunity to race at a young age. But, as an adult who pays their own bills, I’m living out that dream now, and having a blast doing it! I have the enthusiasm and drive to be a positive representative of Tucker both on and off the track. I also do everything I can to help kids and families, because I know that not everyone gets the opportunity to buy all the latest gear, have the newest bike, or even have the funds to ride that day. Essentially, I’ve taken the approach to, “be the person you needed when you were younger.” Our industry, our livelihood, depends on those people. I want to do whatever I can to leave the best impact.

Tucker Team Spotlight: Tiffany Miller

Tiffany works hard to be a positive representative both on and off the track and do everything she can to help kids and families enjoy powersports as much as she does.

TP: What’s your favorite thing about being a Tucker Team member?

TM: My favorite thing about being a Tucker Team member is the family I have acquired since working here. I never knew that I could be part of a team that truly makes me feel like family. And Taco Tuesdays (laughs)!

TP: What are a few of the items on your powersports bucket list?

TM: Vegas Supercross, tour Highway 1 on a motorcycle, and visit the Isle of Man for the races (Maybe even race in it one day!).

Tucker Team Spotlight: Tiffany Miller

TP: Thanks for sharing your story, Tiffany. Any last words you’d like to say about your life in powersports?

TM: Do what you love. Go big or go home. Never go halfway, because you’ll end up in the hospital (laughs).