Fort Worth Stockyards

The world-famous Fort Worth Stockyards.

The start of Tucker Show 2019 kicked-off with a day at Billy Bob’s Texas, located in the famous Fort Worth Stockyards. The Tucker leadership team got the day started with a state-of-the-union-style address to the sales teams, followed by lunch and a quick Q & A session.

Next, it was time for the Team Building Competition. The sales staff was divided up into 17 teams, with each team competing in four events: Quick Draw, Rollo Roping, Mechanical Bull Riding, and Two-Step Dancing. The top six teams advanced to the final event, the Red Bull Mini Moto Race.

The day served as a fun start to a busy week of meetings and events with Tucker vendors and dealers. There were smiles everywhere, plenty of action, and a lot of laughs along the way. Mission accomplished. A big thanks to the staff at Billy Bob’s for providing us with an amazing venue.


Billy Bob's Texas

Billy Bob’s served as in ideal venue to kick-off the week.

Getting ready for the leadership presentations

Getting ready for the leadership presentations.

Tucker Team ZULZ Packs

Tucker Team members were welcomed to Billy Bob’s with a special Tucker backpack by new vendor ZULZ.

Backpacks for miles!

Backpacks for miles! Thanks, ZULZ!

Billy Bob's wall of fame

The inside of Billy Bob’s is like a museum, with memorabilia from some of the biggest names in music.

Stars' guitars

For example … a couple of legends right here!

Loretta Lynn

Anyone who’s been around amateur motocross knows how much this means.

Hugh Charvat CEO MAG Group

New MAG Group CEO, Hugh Charvat, opened the leadership presentation.

Greg Blackwell Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing,

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Greg Blackwell, got the team fired up for the year ahead.

Tucker leadership presentation Q & A

The leadership presentation wrapped up with a Q & A session with the group.

Strategizing before the start of the Team Building Competition

Strategizing before the start of the Team Building Competition.

Rollo Roping

Rollo Roping involved attempting to rope a mechanical calf.

Tawny Landers Rollo Roping

Tawny Landers showing everyone how it’s done.

Quick Draw

The Quick Draw pitted two competitors against each other in a mock duel (using blanks, of course).

Mechanical Bull Riding

Taming the beast in the Mechanical Bull Riding competition.

Two-Step Dance competition

The Two-Step Dance competition determined the final team to make the Main Event.

Two-Step Dancing

The Two-Step was by far the most entertaining competition, can you guess why?

“Dancin'” Rick Dorfmeyer showcased his skills on the dance floor.

Red Bull Mini Moto Race

The six teams that made the Main Event faced off in the Red Bull Mini Moto Race.

Red Bull Mini Moto

Adults on minibikes … always a good time!

Racing minibikes in a horse arena? You know it!

Racing minibikes in a horse arena? You know it!

Red Bull Mini Moto Final

Win or bin!

Tyler Holm and Dusty DeBusk

Dusty DeBusk (Left) and Tyler Holm (Right) helped Team 12 take home the Team Building Competition Title.

Thanks, Billy Bob's!

Thanks, Billy Bob’s for an incredible venue and a fantastic day!