TTBC With Bridgestone Tires

Thanks to Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires, a group of Tucker sales reps recently had the opportunity to attend Colin Edwards’ Texas Tornado Boot Camp. Here’s a little about the experience, in their own words, and in photos.

“I have wanted to go to the Texas Tornado Bootcamp for years. I have been trying to find a way to win the trip since we started the competitions. Four days of riding, riding instruction from pro riders, and a former World Champion, racing, shooting guns, eating great food and hanging out with the guys! I couldn’t get there fast enough! I think from the time I received the email till I had my forms turned in and flights booked was about 8 minutes! I was going for the record right away.”  – Paul Riffle

“This was my second time attending the Texas Tornado Boot Camp, and it was every bit as much of a blast as the first time. Even the record temperatures for September couldn’t put a damper on how much fun this is. Not coming from a racing background, the instructors explain the techniques for riding in an environment with less than ideal traction in a very approachable manner. Seeing how much you improve from day to day is incredibly satisfying. If I could pitch a tent and live out there, I would but seeing the .50 Caliber in action will make you rethink squatting.” – Rick Lambert

“I learned a lot. Relearned more. I loved every minute in spite of bloody knees and elbows, bruised hips and ego. I would go back in a minute.” – Rick Dorfmeyer

This was my second time attending, and this time the 180 drill was such a light-bulb moment for me. ‘So that’s how they go so fast!’ I enjoyed it immensely each time, so much so that on the Monday after I went and bought my own TTR-125. You better believe I’ll be going back again. Already convinced my best friend and brother to join me.” – Rich Halverson

TTBC With Bridgestone Tires 006

Thank you, Bridgestone Tires!

“When you add all the riding and shooting up with some great instructors and an awesome group of guys to do it all with, it was probably the best four consecutive days of my life!  Please don’t tell my wife and kids! I will do whatever I can to win that trip again. What a blast!” – Paul Riffle

A big thanks goes out to Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires for the hospitality and four days of fun.

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