Tucker Techno Tracker by Gunn Design 001 1

Builder Dan Riley of Gunn Design with the Tucker Techno Tracker.

Last fall Dan Riley, Creative Director and Founder of Gunn Design, approached the Tucker marketing team about collaborating on a build project. Dan pitched the idea of a custom bike build using parts sourced from brands distributed by Tucker Powersports to its dealers. As they worked through potential build ideas, Dan suggested a platform he loves and has worked with on several occasions, a 1975 Yamaha XS650 purchased off Craigslist for $650.00.

With a bike chosen for our build, and with a target to have the bike finished in time for the 2020 Tucker Dealer Show in January, Dan set to work turning his design visualization concept into reality. Collectively dubbed “The Techno Tracker,” the outward appearance of the design concept is meant to serve as an example of what can be done with primarily bolt-on parts, and with a budget less than the cost of a new motorcycle. As Dan explains, “The bike was meant to scratch an itch that I had. I picked it up last year, intending to make it exactly how it is.”

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Tucker Techno Tracker by Gunn Design 012

The Techno Tracker concept represents the spirit of individuality that, as a rider, encompasses every motorcycle we own. Each bike is a reflection of who we are, and for Dan Riley, the Techno Tracker is a manifestation of his design vision. With the beloved XS650 as his platform, and with the help of the many quality brands distributed by Tucker, the Techno Tracker is not only a reflection of Dan’s talent as a builder but his ability as an entrepreneur in the motorcycle space to turn an idea into finished reality.

After months of effort and untold hours in his Minnesota workshop, and with the deadline looming, the Techno Tracker came to life through a combination of bolt-on parts and custom fabrication. A few days before the Tucker Show, and with the bike close to complete, Dan hit the road for the drive south from Minneapolis to Fort Worth, Texas. As with most projects with a hard deadline, things often come down to the wire with last-minute tweaks and changes. The Techno Tracker was no different, with Dan shipping parts to Texas to finish off the bike to his liking.

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Tucker Techno Tracker by Gunn Design 008

Arriving the day before the start of Tucker Powersports’ dealer show, Dan rolled the bike straight out of his van into the Fort Worth Convention Center’s main entrance, where it served as a focal point as well as the first thing dealers saw when they arrived at the show.

“To me, there’s so much room in the used bike market to buy something and customize it to your liking, without having to fork out boatloads of cash,” observes Dan. “Yes, this was sponsored build, but it’s an example for others to show just how cool you can make a bike with a little know-how, visualization, and elbow grease.”

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Tucker Techno Tracker by Gunn Design 026

Based upon reactions from attendees at the 2020 Tucker Show, Dan Riley’s design visualization of the Techno Tracker concept was a huge hit. “I had a rad time with the Tucker crew in Ft Worth,” said Dan. “From working on the road, participating in the show, to fitting in a photoshoot with Brandon LaJoie and the Tucker creative team, I’m feeling pretty accomplished with the end result.”

Tucker Techno Tracker by Gunn Design 001

[For a full list of parts used on this build, see the bottom of this page.]

With such a positive response to the build, and after being Bike Exif’s featured Bike of the Day a few days after the show, we made the decision to send the Techno Tracker on the U.S. custom show circuit. After entering the bike in multiple shows, the bike received invites to the One Moto Show in Portland, Mama Tried in Milwaukee, HandBuilt in Austin, and the inaugural META Vision Moto Project in Denver.

The One Moto Show

To kick off our custom bike show tour, we decided to send Dan on the road for the bike’s first appearance at the 11th annual One Moto Show in Portland. And just like at the Tucker Show, the bike was well-received by attendees with a great location inside the Filson brand room, which featured an ax-throwing game and was just around the corner from the race bike gallery. Overall the experience was a fantastic debut for the Techno Tracker with an estimated 60k+ motorcycle enthusiasts attending at the new and larger Veterans Memorial Coliseum venue.

Tucker Techno Tracker One Show 001

The Techno Tracker at this year’s One Moto Show in Portland, OR. All One Show photos courtesy of Dan Riley.

As announced at the Tucker Show, after making the custom bike show rounds, as a show of appreciation, one lucky Tucker dealer that attended the 2020 Tucker Show will win the bike, with the winner being announced in May. More coverage to follow, as the Techno Tracker heads to the Mama Tried show in Milwaukee.

XS650 Techno Tracker Build Parts List

  • 266260 – BikeMaster Angel Halo Headlight with CCFL
  • MT1094 – Motone Customs Bates Style Taillight
  • 425694 – Dubya Front Wheel Assembly w/Talon Hub and Excel Rim
  • 425695 – Dubya Rear Wheel Assembly w/Talon Hub and Excel Rim
  • DF301RWZ – Galfer Tsunami Wave Front Brake Rotor
  • DF515W – Galfer Wave Rear Brake Rotor
  • 198734 – Galfer Stainless Steel Brake Line
  • 682706 – Maxxis M7302 DTR-1 Dirt Track Tires
  • 777922 – Progressive Suspension 13” 444 Series Shocks
  • 426015 – Mikuni VM34 Carburetors
  • 594830 – Two Brothers Racing Comp S Exhaust
  • 531063 – Helix Racing 52mm Exhaust Springs
  • 024027 – ProTaper EVO Adventure High Handlebars
  • 022822 – ProTaper Rubber Handlebar Mounts
  • 586000 – CRG Hindsight LS Left-side Mirror
  • 586001 – CRG Hindsight LS Right-side Mirror
  • 024837 – ProTaper Half Waffle MX Grips
  • 024101 – ProTaper Profile Clutch Lever
  • 024096 – ProTaper XPS Front Brake Lever
  • 061053 – Motion Pro CR Pro Throttle
  • MT1064 – Motone Customs Triple Button Microswitch
  • 152856 – SP Gadgets Moto Bundle
  • 023203 – ProTaper Platform Footpegs
  • 033214 – ProTaper Race Spec 46T Rear Sprocket
  • 023100 – ProTaper Stainless Sprocket Bolts
  • 023107 – ProTaper Gold Series 520XRC Chain


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