Tucker is proud to announce their partnership with the new Supercross 250 East Team. The team has come together through the joint efforts of EBR Performance Altus Motorsports Yamaha and 3D Racing. 3D Racing has been a staple in professional racing for 20 years while EBR has been gaining notoriety in the amateur ranks with 27 national championships in recent years. The new team is paving the way for amateur riders to break into the professional Supercross competition and supports Monster Energy Supercross.

“Tucker Rocky is very happy to have a presence in Supercross for 2018 with the 3D Racing EBR Performance Altus Motorsports Yamaha Team. We look forward to building our program over the years to come in a way that highlights and showcases some of the great brands we distribute,” says Taz Sobotka, Sr. Manager, Marketing for Tucker Rocky. “As we move forward, the goal will be to leverage how our brands add value to the team and their story in Supercross.

“One of the team’s title sponsors is a great dealer partner of ours,” Sobotka continues. “This allows us a unique opportunity to connect the Tucker Rocky brands the team is using to the stores that are stocking them. Our focus is on the value these brands add to not only the team but our dealer partners. We will show that throughout the coming years by capturing content around the team’s use of our brands and sharing that story with our many dealers across the country.”

Many high caliber riders have been a part of the EBR Performance Altus Motorsports Yamaha team and Josh Rogers, the team owner, sees this new opportunity as a way to progress their racing program to allow them to compete at the highest level of racing in Monster Energy Supercross. The new team consists of riders who have already progressed through the amateur program and are ready to move on to professional competition. The team includes team leader Josh Cartwright (#85), Challen Tennant (#169) and Ramylier Alves (#222).

Tucker will be at the first round of the Monster Energy 250 Supercross East Championships held in Arlington, Texas, on February 18th along with the 250 Supercross Team East.

About EBR Performance

Since 1997, EBR Performance has supported many amateurs which have won numerous national amateur championships at AMA National Championships, GNC International Finals, Mini-O’s, NMA Ponca City, James Stewart Spring Championships, RC Daytona Supercross and many regional championships as well.  EBR Performance is “Championship Proven”. We are a growing force which will continue to pile up the championships.

For more information: www.ebrperformance.com, www.altusmotorsports.com, www.3dracingmx.com,  #ebrperformance  #altusmotorsports #yamaha or contact director of marketing and racing development, robertb@mxsuccess.com.