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We realize on the surface the statement, “we deliver the most powerful brands in powersports” may seem bold. It probably sounds like just another marketing claim. However, with a little explanation, some backstory, and a few examples, the statement becomes more than a mere claim. Many of the brands distributed by Tucker are some of the most iconic names in powersports with a history of making quality products at the highest level—often backed by race wins and championships.

A few (of the many) examples include Answer Racing, Vance & Hines, ProTaper, Twin Power, Renthal, Arai, QuadBoss, Dunlop, Dragonfire, Kuryakyn, Burly Brand, Roland Sands Design, FirstGear, Performance Machine, and Mustang. Each of these brands is at or near the top of its category with products of the highest quality and level of performance. Products that in many cases, changed the industry through innovation and set the bar for standards of performance and quality. Standards that in many instances, are still the benchmark today. They are brands created out of passion, to fill a void in the market, or improve a product segment and that have earned their position as a market leader.

Let’s take Answer Racing as one example. Answer has a long and rich history in the sport of motocross that can be traced back to the mid-1970s. Born out of the SoCal racing scene, the brand quickly established itself as a leader in the motocross apparel segment. With factory riders and amateur racers alike wearing the gear, whether it was a Supercross Main Event or a local race, Answer Racing was everywhere. Factory riders such as Bob Hannah, Donnie Hansen, Johnny O’Mara, Micky Diamond, Mike Kiedrowski, and James Stewart (to name only a few) were the most stylish riders on the track during their heyday. The brand’s roots run deep in motocross. Today Answer is still one of the most recognized brands in the motocross world with MXGP MX1 World Champion Antonio Cairoli, and current MX2 points leader Jorge Prado, wearing Answer racewear on the world stage.

Vance & Hines is another example—the name synonymous with motorcycle performance. Terry Vance and Byron Hines created the company in 1979 as a passion project to improve the quality and performance of motorcycles. The company quickly grew in size and reputation as a performance leader, winning NHRA drag racing championships then expanding into road racing and winning there too. The brand eventually teamed up with Harley-Davidson® with whom they currently field an NHRA Top Fuel drag race team. Through the years the Vance & Hines name and logo have become a trusted symbol of quality and performance. As stated on the Vance & Hines website, “At the end of the day, our goal is not just to make an American-made product, but to create products that inspire motorcyclists around the world.”

ProTaper is a brand that’s changed how handlebars are made. For years handlebars were built the same way: with a cross-brace to add rigidity and strength. Then in 1991, ProTaper invented and patented the first oversized diameter handlebar without a crossbar. The design allows the handlebar to flex and absorb impacts better than conventional bars which result in more comfort and less fatigue without sacrificing bar strength. The brand recently created the “Micro Handlebar Kit,” which is a handlebar conversion kit that offers a reduced diameter handlebar for youth riders to better grasp while riding. Previously youth riders were forced to use the same traditional sized grips as adults. By reducing the handhold area, youth riders are now able to grasp the reduced size grip the same way an adult rider grasps traditionally sized grips. The result is more control, reduced fatigue, and ultimately gives younger riders the opportunity to ride to their full ability. The creation of the ProTaper Micro Handlebar Kit has revolutionized the way youth riders control their offroad motorcycles. ProTaper products are used and endorsed by championship-winning race teams worldwide. Racing is a huge part of the brand’s identity and is also used for the development of new products.

In 1982, the New England Motor Parts Company (NEMPCO) introduced the Twin Power line of high-quality replacement motor parts. The Twin Power line quickly became known for quality and performance at a fair price. For more than 30 years, Twin Power has remained a leader in aftermarket parts and accessories for American V-Twin bikes. From pistons for Ironhead Sportsters to high-tech lithium-ion batteries, the Twin Power line covers everything from yesterday’s old school to tomorrow’s classics. Twin Power is a brand by bikers, for bikers and is used and trusted by builders and enthusiasts who want the best for their machines. Twin Power makes performance parts, tested in independent labs, that fit and work as they should.

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of powerful industry-leading brands available from Tucker. Each of the brands mentioned above is worthy of a lengthy blog. There are many other Tucker brands not mentioned that are just as worthy. With so many fascinating backstories we could fill a book with the rich history of the brands available from Tucker. Today that list is not only powerful but also diverse with many brands that are unique to powersports. A few examples being Gerber Gear (knives, hatchets, and multi-tools), Rockford Fosgate (audio systems), and SP Gadgets (phone and action camera accessories). These unique-to-powersports brands are each a leader in their respective product segments outside of powersports and in turn bring that status to the powersports industry.

So, when we say, “we deliver the most powerful brands in powersports,” we say it with a tremendous amount of pride and respect for the brands we carry. The statement is more than a claim because the brands we carry have a proven record of innovation and success. Tucker delivers a portfolio of market-leading brands that is respected worldwide. Brands that enthusiasts ask for by name, and brands that dealers and enthusiasts trust.

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