Renthal employs its 50+ years of experience in handlebar design, testing, and racing to develop the new R-Works Fatbar36 motocross handlebar.

Renthal Fatbar36 Handlebar

Working alongside its factory race teams, Renthal developed the Fatbar36 concept to improve performance through weight reduction without compromising existing handlebar strength. Every time you accelerate, brake, corner, jump, you work against the weight of the motorcycle. By reducing weight, it improves the performance of your motorcycle in all these areas resulting in faster lap times.

Renthal employed its 50+ years of experience in handlebar design, testing, and racing to develop the R-Works Fatbar36 into the ultimate in lightweight motocross handlebars. Utilizing Renthal’s 36Tech™ handlebar standard and proprietary Zarilium™ material to give a high strength handlebar at the lowest possible weight. The R-Works Fatbar®36 is 36% lighter than its standard 28mm diameter Fatbar®, previously the lightest motocross handlebar.

Lightest Motocross Handlebar

At Renthal, they have always strived to produce the strongest, highest quality product they can. Renthal’s current handlebar range is at a strength level its factory level teams feel it needs to be, but weight saving will always be high on their priority list. Renthal made this its priority as well in developing Fatbar36.

Renthal Fatbar36 Handlebar 2

36TECH™ – Advanced Technology

36TECH™ is a new handlebar standard developed by Renthal to push forward the boundaries of handlebar technology. The 36mm clamping diameter tapers down to a conventional 22mm control section at each end, using advanced wall geometry, maximizing material efficiencies in wall thickness along the entire length of the handlebar to reduce weight.

Renthal Fatbar36 Handlebar 3 1

New Material – 20% Stronger

Zarilium® is a new aluminium alloy exclusive to Renthal. This new alloy has 20% greater ultimate tensile strength while maintaining the same elongation properties. This additional strength has allowed Renthal to achieve the maximum weight reduction possible while matching the best in class strength of the Renthal® 28mm diameter Fatbar®.

Renthal Fatbar36 Handlebar 7

World-Class Testing

Renthal is at the forefront of handlebar testing. They are the only handlebar manufacturer using data acquisition and equipped with its own in-house test facility. This perfectly positions Renthal to maximize its 50+ years of handlebar design, development, and championship-winning race experience. The result is the best performing handlebars with unrivalled quality.

Renthal Fatbar36 Handlebar 5

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

As the global leader in handlebar technology, Renthal takes pride in not only its engineering abilities but also its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Taking raw Zarilium tube, Renthal puts it through a host of operations to turn it into Fatbar36.

Renthal Fatbar36 Handlebar 6


The R-Works® badge represents uncompromising performance. It means Renthal has selected the ultimate materials and manufacturing processes at its disposal to bring you the very best performance product they can.

Renthal Fatbar36 Handlebar 4

A fraction of a second. A few grams.  A couple of millimeters. It all counts.

Renthal products are proudly distributed in the United States by Tucker Powersports.


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