Team Tucker heads west for two days of Slickrock fun in Moab, Utah.

Moab Rally on the Rocks

Moab is a magnet for offroad enthusiasts. Whether it’s riding an ATV, dirt bike, or MTB; or driving a UTV or Jeep, there’s an adventure waiting to happen in Moab for offroad enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Like many, we’d heard stories, but until you have the chance to experience a place like Moab firsthand, there’s simply no way to comprehend its beauty and grand scale. For our field events team, that experience happened at the recent Rally on the Rocks.

First held in 2009, Rally on the Rocks is an annual event for UTV enthusiasts that takes place in and around the small town of Moab in the southeast corner of Utah. Surrounded by two of the most incredible national parks in the country, Canyonlands to the south and Arches to the north, the event brings in over 1,000 UTV enthusiasts each year for four days of fun. Participants choose from a list of guided tours each day and experience the famous Slickrock domes, bowls, and breathtaking scenery that make Moab a destination for outdoor fanatics from across the globe.

Moab Rally on the Rocks 108

Rally on the Rocks participants choose from a list of guided tours each day to experience the breathtaking Moab scenery.

After flying into Salt Lake City from DFW, the team headed south towards Moab with a few stops along the way to visit a few Tucker dealers and eventually meet up with the crews from DragonFire Racing and QuadBoss. We were in for a few days of fun, courtesy of DragonFire and QuadBoss who’d each driven to the event with their tricked-out, rally-ready Can-Am X3 and Polaris General respectively.

For our first day out, we trailered the units to Gemini Bridges Trailhead north of town. After a brief riders’ meeting where our two trail guides explained the trail and what to expect to the 35-person group, we were off and rolling. Straight away, we followed a trail that climbed about 1,200 feet before dropping us back down into some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable. Known as Gold Bar Rim, the trail included views of the surrounding La Sal Mountains, Book Cliffs, and parts of the Colorado River canyon. Canyon walls towered over us as we raced along a washed-out creek bed. Then, after about 1.5 miles we saw what the rest of the trail and day would look like for us. It was to be a bumpy ride traversing some of the rockiest terrain Moab had to throw at us.

Gold Bar Rim is not for beginners, with many tricky ledges and steep drops. The group spent about five hours on the out and back trail, having stopped for lunch at the “Crack.” The spot provided incredible views of the Colorado River cutting through the valley below. After lunch, we started the journey back and were close to the end of the trail when one of the guides broke a rod. The QuadBoss and DragonFire teams were quick to lend a helping hand, and we quickly got him back to his truck to get a replacement rod for his RZR 1000.

Moab Rally on the Rocks 156

Queued up and ready to explore everything that Moab has to offer.

On day two we tagged along with the DragonFire and QuadBoss crews again on a sponsored ride with our friends from Rockford Fosgate. The trail was the famous “Fins and Things,” and according to the “Fins” are the Navajo Sandstone Slickrock northeast of Moab, and the “Things” are what remains as the fins erode. It was a more traditional trail, crawling over the flat rocks that make up the sand flats in the area, and much like a rollercoaster, we rolled over the slick rocks and super sandy terrain. Though the ride was not as intense as the day before, it still had its challenges for our drivers.

After a few fun-filled days in Moab, unfortunately, it was time for our team to head out to their next destination Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, Arizona. And although we looked forward to another new adventure in Flagstaff, it didn’t make it any easier to leave. Moab is the kind of place that changes your perspective, and after exploring one of the most incredible places we’ve ever been, we checked off an item on our bucket list. Moab is one magical place.

Moab Rally on the Rocks 141

Moab is a magical place that must be experienced firsthand to comprehend its beauty and grand scale.

A big thanks to the DragonFire Racing and QuadBoss crews for hauling us around for two days; and, we’d also like to thank Rockford Fosgate and Seizmik for their hospitality.

We look forward to coming back again next year!