In November of 2018, we did an interview with Tom Larson, founder of Motorcycle Relief Project (MRP), an organization dedicated to helping military veterans and first responders struggling from the effects of PTSD. MRP recently held its annual fundraiser, and they sent us the following recap.

MRP Fundraiser 2019

Motorcycle Relief Project (MRP) hosted its 2019 annual fundraiser on December 7th at Performance Cycle of Colorado. MRP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides relief to veterans and first responders with PTSD and other related issues by taking them on structured and professionally-led five-day offroad motorcycle adventures in Colorado and Arizona. Rides are free to participants, and the goal is to provide participants relief from the PTSD and trauma they are dealing with as a result of their service.

MRP Fundraiser 2019 2

MRP’s mission is to honor and encourage veterans and first responders who are struggling with PTSD and trauma and provide them with opportunities to decompress, get unstuck, connect with like-minded peers, and gain new perspectives and skills for dealing with their issues, relationships, and futures.

The 2019 fundraiser was a huge success, raising over $116,000, which is nearly a third of the operating cost of the organization. MRP hosted 75 participants and led a total of ten adventures in 2019, four in Colorado, and six in Arizona, including a women’s ride and a first responder ride. They hope to exceed that number in 2020. To date, MRP has hosted over 250 participants in the program from all five branches of the US military, including two from the Australian and British Armies.

MRP Fundraiser 2019 3

The MRP team is grateful to those who supported the 2019 fundraiser through generous financial and product donations. Motorcycle Relief Project relies on the financial generosity of those within and outside of the motorcycle industry and teams with many riders, clubs, foundations, and corporations to accomplish their critical mission. For more information or to donate to MRP, visit For corporate sponsorships or strategic partnerships, contact Dale Pyne, MRP Director of Development, at

Motorcycle Relief Project 2019 Recap Video