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Stephanie Pietz is an internationally published model, brand ambassador, and motorcycle racer who’s worked in the motorsports industry for almost a decade. She’s represented industry brands such as Rockstar Energy, Lucas Oil, Makita tools, and Metal Mulisha, to name a few. Recently, Pietz decided to take her love for motorcycles to a competitive level by racing the Super Hooligan series. The hard work she’s put into her racing the past few years is apparent in the progress she’s made as a rider, and as a result, she’s become a role model and example of how women can be a badass on a bike and still be feminine. Get to know Stephanie Pietz in this interview that appears in Volume 001 of Tucker HardTales Magazine.


Tucker Powersports: Stephanie, first off, you have to be excited to kick-off 2020 by not only gracing the cover of our 2020 V-twin catalog, but also the cover of our first issue of HardTales Magazine. How does it feel to be on such a roll?


Stephanie Pietz: It feels great! I was super excited to see the new V-twin catalog. The back cover is actually my favorite!

Stephanie Pietz Tucker Publications

Pietz on the cover (left) and back cover (right) of the Tucker V-twin catalog, as well as cover of HardTales Magazine.

TP: You’ve stated that your passion for motorcycles started at a very young age, from the first time you sat on your dad’s 1976 Shovelhead. Tell us about where you grew up, when you got your first motorcycle, and how you got started riding.

SP: I grew up in Mesa, Arizona. My stepdad had an ‘86 CR80 that was shared between my siblings and I. There were five of us, so I was lucky to get a chance to ride when I wanted to. I was only eight years old, and I was tiny! I couldn’t even touch the ground. He would tell me to yell at him when I wanted to get off so he could come to grab the bike. Or he would tell me to just jump off to one side and push the bike the other way. He wanted all of us to know how to ride a motorcycle for education purposes, just like learning to drive stick, you know?

TP: So you started out riding dirt bikes offroad, then added street, and recently began racing Super Hooligans. Would you say your mix of offroad and street riding experience really helps when it comes to Hooligan racing?

SP: I really think the dirt bike background helps a lot! Any discipline of riding will help the other, in my opinion. All seat time is good.

Stephanie Pietz Flat Track

Pietz competes in the Super Hooligan National Championship Series.

TP: What’s something unique that you bring to your role as an ambassador and model because of your experience and passion for motorcycling?

SP: There’s a lot of women who can ride. And there are a lot of attractive women. I feel what separates me is that I have a well-rounded knowledge of motorcycles on top of my ability to ride. I work on my bikes as much as I can. I’m always learning something new about them, and I’m willing to put in the work to educate myself. There’s a lot of ups and downs and risks associated with motorcycles and if you’re just an attractive female who can pull in a clutch, you’re gonna have a rude awakening when you hit the pavement! I feel like I’ve always gotten back up stronger and pushed harder after these falls. I’m full of grit and integrity.

TP: It’s incredible how having motorcycles in one’s life gives us a unique outlook on life. Motorcycles allow us to experience life in a way that many never will. Would you say that’s been the case for you?

SP:  I’ve said this numerous times, but riding is truly my meditation. I have so many memories and experiences involving motorcycles, and I’ve met some of the best people because of them. I can’t imagine where I would be without them. I wouldn’t have any friends! (Laughs).

Stephanie Pietz

When not riding, Pietz likes to work on her bikes as much as she can.

TP: One such experience is the Colin Edwards Texas Tornado Boot Camp. Would you have ever thought when you started riding motorcycles that you would one day be taking part in a motorcycle riding skills boot camp with a former world championship-level racer?

SP: I always knew in my heart that motorcycles would take me to amazing places and meet incredible people. When you truly follow your dreams, it’s astonishing where it can lead! I’m not surprised by it, but I’m incredibly thankful.

TP: What’s been your favorite thing so far about being part of the Tucker Powersports Family?

SP: I loved being able to tour the warehouse and check out all of the behind the scenes stuff. But my favorite part is the people! Everyone is extremely kind and friendly. The communication is beyond excellent, and everyone is down to earth. They have been so good to me. I love them all!

TP: Name your favorite motorcycle ever, a current favorite that’s in your garage right now, and why?

SP: Hmmm. That’s tough. When I was younger, I was in love with the Triumph Speed Triple. I thought the single-sided swingarm looked so rad! But I wasn’t really into road racing style bikes. My favorite bike that I own is my ‘91 FXR. I never owned a Harley before I got my FXR, and I didn’t have a lot of seat time on one either. I love how fast it is but it doesn’t feel like a massive bike. It handles great and it’s sexy!

Stephanie Pietz Chopper

TP: What’s on your bucket list for must-do races, road trips, or other powersports riding experiences?


SP: I’m only going to mention a few, or we will be here for a long time. I want to take my dad to the Isle of Man race. I want to ride a Harley across the Florida Keys. I want to race Vegas to Reno. I want to ride dirtbikes in Maui (the dirt over there looks incredible!), and I want to make a road trip across the United States on my FXR.


TP: With you being a model, racer, and ambassador, you’re a role model for other women. Your knowledge and love for the sport, your riding skills, and personality have all made you an example of what’s possible. How does it feel to be an inspiration for others?


SP: It’s why I do it! I love to ignite that spark in other women. To help give them the courage to go out and challenge themselves to try something new or step outside their comfort zone. Even just bringing women together to share their common love for motorcycles. It feels incredible to know that I inspire women when I’m just doing my thing and being me.

Stephanie Pietz Flat Track 2

TP: Thanks for sharing your story, Stephanie. We appreciate all that you do to help represent Tucker and its House of Brands. Any words of encouragement or people you’d like to shout out before we let you go?

SP: I want to give a massive thank you to Tucker for believing in me and treating me so well. This industry can be a struggle without people like them in my corner! I can’t even begin to express my gratitude. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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