EVS Axis Pro

The EVS Sports Axis Pro Knee brace features an industry-first aluminum and carbon fiber frame construction. The aluminum hinge design allows for a low profile structure, which results in a comfortable, lightweight and rigid brace.

  • Stretch Fit Strap – Stretch Fit technology is an elastic material that expands and compresses providing a comfortable and secure fit
  • Dual Defense Knee Cups – Two interactive knee cups slide with your knees flexion and extension to provide full coverage knee protection
  • Hyperextension Lockout 30 – A hinge component designed to prevent hyperextension, the most common knee injury in action sports. To accommodate a variety of knees and riding styles, you’re able to adjust the hyperextension lockout from 0º-30º
  • Comfort Cuff – This neoprene compression cuff is designed to wrap around your calf to limit lower leg migration

EVS Axis Pro Details

  • Shark Skin Liner – This antimicrobial liner provides a soft cushion support and textured surface to limit knee brace migration
  • Tru-Motion 2.0 Hinge – The hinge mimics knee movement giving the rider a more natural stance
  • Form Fit Frame – Built from a proprietary blend of Polyfusion polymer, the Form Fit Frame provides a strong base that is also flexible. The Form Fit Frame bends to the contours of the riders thigh, allowing for a comfortable fit

Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL

Retail Price: $749.00

EVS products are proudly distributed in the United States by Tucker Powersports.

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