The EBR Performance Altus Motorsports team rolled into Gatorback Cycle Park for the 2018 Winter Olympics with two new elite team riders and high expectations for championships. EBR was proud to have hot properties Kaeden Amerine out of Great Bend, Kansas and Collin Allen from Haslet, Texas on the team for 2019. The Unlimited Sports MX crew did a superb job working the supercross and outdoor tracks they were in absolute prime condition, and they delivered excellent racing the entire week.

Chandler Baker

Chandler Baker charged into Gatorback fresh off a podium finish in 250 B at Ponca. Baker and his team of Erik Edwards and Robbie Reynard have been pushing the envelope with Baker’s program taking it to the next level in every department. The first heat in 250 B Supercross was strong finishing 3rd on his EBR Bill’s Pipes Powered YZ-250F. Chandler went into the final moto against the nation’s top 250 B riders finishing inside the top ten with an 8th place finish at the checkers. He raised his bar considerably in Schoolboy 2 (13-17) finishing 5th overall. Moving to the outdoor track, it was easy to see the poise and ability coming from Baker. Baker rode well inside the top three in all his classes.

Baker finished 3rd overall and on the podium in 250 B Limited with 3rd and 4th moto scores. Chandler finished 3rd in 250-B moto one and was running second in moto two and dropped to fourth by some hard-charging more experienced riders, he, unfortunately, went down going into the Gatorback pit, when a rider fell directly in front of him. Baker finished 11th overall in the class. In Schoolboy 2 – (13-17) he finished 8th overall with a 4th and 10th moto finishes. He also finished second aboard his EBR Powered Bill’s Pipe powered YZ-250F in 450 B Limited moto one, Baker was unfortunately disqualified in the moto for not having his wash plugs in place.

“We are extremely proud of Baker, he has accomplished a lot in very little time, he is progressing nicely, and we know that he will be in position for some championship runs in 2019,” said Josh Rogers, Team Owner.

Kaeden Amerine

Kaeden Amerine made his debut showing aboard his EBR Performance Bill’s Pipes powered 2019 YZ-125. EBR knows Amerine is a strong championship contender. So EBR pulled out all the stops to give him what is needed to be on top of the box. Amerine came out with guns blazing in Supercross 125 (12-17) finishing a strong 3rd in moto one, only to go down in moto two finishing with an 18th overall. Kaeden finished Schoolboy-1 (12-17) with two solid top ten finishes, finishing 7th overall.

The outdoor track was where Amerine shined in the championships. Schoolboy-1 (12-17) he finished 5th in moto one and an unfortunate fall in moto two put him out of contention for a podium finish. The highlight of the championships came 125 (12-17), Kaeden ripped the holeshot in moto one and walked off with a commanding lead at the checkers. In moto two he jumped to a strong top three start and was in title contention. Amerine was overtaken by a few hard-charging riders late in the moto finishing 4th. Kaeden was awarded 3rd place in the championship, his first aboard his EBR Performance Altus Motorsports Yamaha YZ-125.

Collin Allen

Collin Allen made his debut with the EBR Performance Altus Motorsports Team. We are looking forward to progressing Collin to the next level over the next season or two, he is an excellent rider with a lot of potential, and hopefully, EBR can put him on top of the box in 2019. We believe in Collin and are grateful to have him join the team. Allen’s finished a very respectable 5th overall in Supercross 85 (9-13) amongst some very stiff competition. Allen had some difficulties in 85 (12-13) and finished outside the top ten in 17th overall.

Allen’s finishes on the outdoor were strong working his way through the pack and fighting to the checkered flag in his motos. In 85 (9-13) he finished 9th overall placing 5th and 8th. Allen’s best finish was a 4th place finish in moto one of 85 12-13. Allen finished 12th in the final moto and 12th overall in the championship.

Erik Edwards Wins “Mechanic of The Year”

EBR Performance Altus Motorsports would like to extend our great gratitude and congratulations to Erik Edwards for winning “Mechanic of The Year” for his relentless efforts in guiding, training and wrenching for Chandler Baker #350. You are an inspiration to the entire team, and this honor is well deserved. EBR Performance also won a few Championships along with some top 5 rides from some of our lower level support racers.

EBR Performance Altus Motorsports Team would like to thank our family of partners and sponsors. Tucker Powersports, Yamaha Motor Corp. Blu-Cru, VP Fuels and Lubricants, Pro Taper, Bill’s Pipes, Dunlop, Arai, Answer, 100%, Gaerne, Ride Engineering, Vertex, Galpher, Cycra, Tamer, Rekluse, MotoSeat, Boyesen, Nihilo, Vertex, SDI, GET, TM Designs, Velocity and

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