Rick Dorfmeyer Bonnevile Speed Week

By Rick Dorfmeyer

The 71st Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) Speed Week was set to start on August 10. However, Mother Nature decided to dump a rainstorm on the Thursday before the start and ruined the great work the SCTA volunteers had done building and laying out a rookie course, a three-mile short course, and a five-mile long course. So, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were spent trying to build a four-mile course for all but the rookies; but unfortunately, the four-mile course never really dried out.

On my first trip through the lights, my speedo was pegged at 185 mph, and my tachometer read 11,000 rpm in 6th gear. If all had been perfect, that would have been a 205 mph run. However, instead, I spun the rear tire so bad my speed was only 147 mph.

With 500 entries, and with only one course, it took until the next day for run number two. I rode ultra-conservative, tried to manage what little traction there was, and went 151 mph.

Run three was worse yet.

They closed the course on the last day, so maybe next year. Or maybe in October for World Finals—if I can find a willing sponsor.

By the way, the Bill Wooldridge built bike, powered by the C&T Cycle Busa motor, tuned and dialed in by Phil at Evan Steel Performance on a set of sponsored Metzeler tires ran like a record-setter.

A big thanks to my senior managers for letting me skip the Tucker RSM meeting for this event.

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