Built Bike Offroad provides a comprehensive review of BikeMaster’s Dirt Bike Hitch Mounted Motorcycle Carrier.

Built Bike Review BikeMaster Hitch Mounted Motorcycle Carrier

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BikeMaster’s Dirt Bike Hitch Mounted Motorcycle Carrier

By Built Bike Offroad

For what it’s worth, I’ve NEVER used a hitch mounted motorcycle carrier in my life. I’ve seen every design and price tag imaginable- yet the fear of my bike falling off has always kept me away until recently. I had the opportunity to go riding/camping and really wanted to take our family camp vehicle. A first generation Toyota Sequoia, obviously has nowhere to haul the bike like a truck and or trailer. I started to check into different brands and styles and was pretty quickly priced out of a majority of what is available. I’ve seen the BikeMaster Motorcycle Carrier before, but with it’s price tag I’ve always assumed it wasn’t made very well and likely risky to use. The closer it got to the trip, the fewer options I had in front of me.

Bikemaster Motorcycle Carrier

Bikemaster Motorcycle Carrier