If you’ve been around the sportbike motorcycle scene for even a small amount of time, then you’ve probably heard of Speed and Strength. Founded in 2008, Speed and Strength is a leading brand of motorcycle street riding apparel and helmets, “fueled by a two-wheel communal consciousness driven by the love of absolute acceleration.” Curious to know more, we decided to dig a little deeper and learn more about the Speed and Strength design process and its brand vision from one of its chief visionaries, Design Director Scott Sagud.

Tucker Powersports: Scott, tell us a little about the history of Speed and Strength and how the brand came about.

Scott Sagud, Speed and Strength: In 2008, Speed and Strength was conceived to fill a missing void in the motorcycle apparel market. A glaring opportunity to shock consumers with a line of apparel that spoke to the less-conservative rider in the entry-level sportbike space. While other brands were focusing on track or sport-touring, we decided to put attitude and our love for the street at the forefront. That said, 2018 marks the 10-year anniversary of Speed and Strength, and while the brand has evolved with trends and riding styles, one thing remains: Speed and Strength will continue to be the epitome of the anti-establishment. Hell-bent on delivering badass, subversive gear at a great value.

TP: Is there a product that really stands out that helped put Speed and Strength on the map as a recognized apparel brand?

SS: Without a doubt, the biggest and best-performing category for us is our helmet line. Year after year, unique graphics have helped mold the individuality and identity of our riders. We have been striving to create a custom painted look while not breaking the bank. Being riders ourselves, we understand the importance of getting your lid right, so it’s something we take seriously. Look forward to an evolution of this focus for future seasons.

Speed and Strength Helmets

The Speed and Strength helmet line is one of the brand’s best-performing product categories.

TP: Speed and Strength has a bit of a reputation as an outlier brand, from product names, to design choices, to marketing. Would you say that’s something that distinguishes the brand from others out there?

SS: I think so. We feel like brands that are deliberate about who they are from day one own a position which is difficult to deny. We will always have this point of view for this brand because it isn’t based on trends. It comes from within. It represents our passion for what we like to do and how we like to do it.

TP: Speed sponsors quite a few stunt riders. What is it about these riders that makes them the ideal choice for showcasing the Speed and Strength brand?

SS: We always have our eyes peeled for what’s going on in all aspects of riding, including stunts. Who doesn’t like wheelies and burnouts? Aside from the technical riding prerequisites, our guys and gals typically have one thing in common: they’re not happy if they’re not riding. It’s where we got our ‘fast life’ mantra from.

Speed and Strength Stunt Rider Clint Ewing

Stunt riders like Clint Ewing serve as brand ambassadors for Speed and Strength.

TP: Speed has crossed over into the V-twin segment with stunt riders wearing the apparel. Is there a focused effort to create products targeted to V-twin riders now?

SS: The brand has definitely been intentional about appealing to a V-twin customer in past seasons. In fact, it has been pretty lucrative for us. As we move forward, we are pushing our team to consider less of a pre-determined rider archetype based on which OEM he or she is running. While some items in the line may lean more toward ‘STRENGTH’ and others more toward ‘SPEED,’ it is our goal to have one consistent brand POV. Regardless of what they’re throwing their leg over.

Speed and Strength V-twin

In the last few seasons, Speed and Strength has created more products that appeal to V-twin riders.

TP: Speed also creates women’s riding gear that’s both innovative and fashion-forward such as the Yoga Moto Pant and Street Savvy Leather and Textile Jacket. Tell us about the design process for women’s gear and how it differs from the men’s line.

SS: Great question. One of the things I really wanted to do when designing our future lines, was to get a female rider/designer to provide insight on what we got right and what we got wrong in the past. What started as a casual conversation quickly turned into her designing all the women’s styles. She crushed it. Her knowledge of trends within moto and more importantly how things should fit on a woman came from a place I believe our female consumer will appreciate. I like to say it’s a perfect balance of beauty and beast!

Speed and Strength Women's Apparel

Speed and Strength used input from a female rider to design its recent women’s line.

TP: What’s something motorcycle enthusiasts may not know about the Speed and Strength brand?

SS: We voluntarily still design and work in a shipping garage. True story.

TP: Without spilling the beans, are there any fun projects on the horizon for Speed and Strength?

SS: I can say 2020 will be a year to remember for this brand, for sure. There are numerous new products and capsules focused on innovation. We’re excited to bring them to market in bold and disruptive ways.

TP: Thanks, Scott, we appreciate you telling us a little about Speed and Strength. We’re excited to see what the future holds for the brand!

SS: Hell yea! It’s my pleasure. From all of us at Speed and Strength, thank you for being torch bearers of this brand. We’d like to personally say thanks to all our dealers and consumers who represent our brand on the streets or walk up to us at tradeshows to tell us how dope our product is. You folks are the lifeblood of the brand! It would only be an idea in our heads if not for you and your allegiance to the cause. We look forward to providing you all with badass gear that performs as well as it looks—for years and years to come.

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Speed and Strength is distributed exclusively in the United States by Tucker.

More information: www.ssgear.com