New Cobra Chrome adds increased mileage, stability, and handling to the already legendary grip of its Cobra predecessor.

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How does Avon top an already legendary tire like the Cobra? By taking it to the next level.

Introducing Cobra Chrome: Avon’s next-generation custom cruiser tire.

Cobra Chrome retains the same extraordinary level of grip as the original Cobra, which means in wet braking conditions, Cobra Chrome stops quicker than a key competitor by 12 feet.

When you need to stop in a hurry, count on Avon Cobra Chrome.

avon cobra chrome

Cobra Chrome exceeds the already long-lasting Cobra in mileage testing by an extra 10%. Avon’s use of newly developed polymer compounds translates to higher mileage while retaining the superior grip riders love about the original Avon Cobra.

Cobra Chrome also features increased stability over the original Cobra by adding stabilizing tie bars within the grooves that anchor the blocks of rubber to prevent movement. A minimalist groove pattern maximizes the center contact patch while efficiently dispersing water. The result is increased stability, which equals better handling. Bottom-line, you’ll love Cobra Chrome’s ride-handling characteristics.

Although Cobra Chrome handles, performs, and outlasts its Cobra predecessor, Cobra Chrome is competitively priced for every rider. For a tire that will do the miles, ride on Cobra Chrome: the next generation of an already legendary custom cruiser tire.

Cobra Chrome Features

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  • Unique tire design with detailed aesthetic features – Bespoke snakeskin appearance and embossed Cobra head logo
  • Excellent wet braking and stability – Enhanced compounds and new construction deliver improved stopping distances in wet braking tests
  • High stability in all conditions delivers a precise feel and tire feedback – Avon’s latest tech pattern and advanced construction produces over a 5% larger footprint compared to Cobra

Avon Tire Construction & Compounds

Encompassed within every Avon motorcycle tire is some of the world’s most advanced tire technology. It’s what helps give Avon their edge. The technology has been painstakingly developed and tested over many years. As a result, regardless of what type of bike you have and where you ride, you can have absolute faith in your tires.

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avon cobra chrome tire

Cobra Chrome Tire Sizes

15” Rim Sizes

avon cobra chrome 15 inch sizes

16” Rim Sizes

avon cobra chrome 16 inch sizes

17” Rim Sizes

avon cobra chrome 17 inch sizes

18” Rim Sizes

avon cobra chrome 18 inch sizes

19” Rim Sizes

avon cobra chrome 19 inch sizes

21” Rim Sizes

avon cobra chrome 21 inch sizes

23” Rim Sizes

avon cobra chrome 23 inch sizes

For the most recent list of tire sizes offered and specifications, visit

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Avon Tires are proudly distributed in the United States by Tucker Powersports.

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