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The all-new Arai Regent-X is designed to isolate you from distractions with the kind of comfort only Arai can deliver. Built with the same protection as its flagship Corsair-X model, the Regent-X features a new interior for both comfort and ease of taking the helmet on and off.

RegentX Hero

Regent-X Fit

Arai is the only company offering multiple interior-fit shapes to better address the infinite variety of riders’ head shapes and sizes.

No one pays more attention to the subtle variations and infinite possibilities of the human head shape than Arai. Why? Because it’s the secret to getting the best comfort and fit.

So for more than three decades, Arai has pioneered different shapes – and even different proportions within those shapes – in our various helmet models, working to offer a better fit for more people.

The Regent-X has Arai’s Intermediate Oval (IO) interior fit shape.

Arai Intermediate Oval Shape

Regent-X Specs and Features

PB-CLC Shell

Born from Arai’s exclusive Formula One helmet technology, the Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate Construction shell is developed to be both light and strong. The upper edge of the eye port is reinforced with Arai’s Peripheral Belt, custom woven in-house with proprietary super fibers to increase shell strength without adding thickness or weight.

Regent-X Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate Construction shell

One-piece Multi-density Liner

A one-piece multi-density liner, tuned with varying densities according to the position and volume of each given area within each shell size, provides protection where it’s needed most, and allows Arai to make a compact helmet that puts protection first, and is as aerodynamic and light as possible.

RegentX one-piece multi-density liner

Interior: Semi-removable Liner

The top padding stays in place but the liner is fixed with Velcro and easily removed for cleaning.

RegentX Semi-removable Liner

Interior: Replaceable Cheek pads/Ear cups

Depending on the model, cheek pads, ear cups or the complete interior may be easily removed. All parts (replaceable or not) can be cleaned with lukewarm water and mild soap. Rinse well after cleaning and never dry in direct sunlight or near a heat source. Interior parts in different size thickness are available for a custom fit for every rider.

RegentX CheekPads

Comfort: 5mm Wider Base

The exclusive shell flares 5mm around the base, making it easier to get the helmet on and off (for newcomers to Arai the initial ‘snugness’ when putting the helmet on or taking it off can be challenging).

RegentX 5mm wider base

Rear Ventilation: One-piece Rear Exhaust

Extracts more hot air from the helmets interior and improves aerodynamics.

RegentX Rear Vents

Rear Ventilation: Side Exhausts

Produce low pressure behind the rear vent for better hot air extraction. Integrated in the shell for better aerodynamics, reduce wind noise and prevent buffeting at speed. Inside, a small foam dam helps to absorb and diminish excessive noise, without reducing ventilation performance.

RegentX Side Vents

Rear Ventilation: Neck Exhaust Vent

To enhance hot-air extraction from the interior. Increases the ventilation effect at the lower part of the helmet.

RegentX Neck Vent

Chin Curtain

Attached to the bottom of the helmet, the new chin curtain helps to further accentuate the Egg-shape form. The curtain simultaneously blocks air intrusion from turbulent air below and increases negative pressure to enhance the exhaust function of FFS by drawing more air from the mouth area. The improved airflow reduces noise even further.

RegentX Chin

Facial Contour System (FCS)

To offer an even better snug fit and enhancing the comfort to the lower jaw, the Facial Contour System (FCS) works with a foam spring support in the cheek pad that compresses and rebounds, providing the necessary support without excessive pressure.

RegentX Facial Contour System (FCS)


The Regent-X, along with all Arai models available in North America, meets or exceeds the SNELL M2020 standard, but only after they all first satisfy Arai’s stringent in-house criteria.

RegentX Snell Tested

Regent-X Colorways & Graphics

Arai Regent X Colorways

Regent-X Sizes & Retail Prices

X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
$559.95 (Solids), $689.95 (Graphic)

Arai Helmets are proudly distributed in the United States by Tucker Powersports.

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