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100 Barstow Goggle Roland Sands

Rooted with moto since the early days, 100% takes pride in heritage and racing Americana. Step back to the simpler days and simply ride, worrying not of anything but your destination. The Barstow goggle returns once again as a time machine, bringing you back to the golden days of moto, where it all started. With a nod to vintage design, the Barstow sends you back while bringing modern technologies and safety features to this now modern goggle.

With an array of styles and colors, the Barstow collection for 2020 offers three artist collection editions as well. Pairing again with Deus Customs and Roland Sands Designs, 100% welcomes a skate icon and moto enthusiast to the field with Steve Caballero.

100% Barstow Goggle Collection

Barstow Product Features

The Barstow fuses vintage moto design with modern styling and technology resulting in a timeless look with next level performance.

  • Frame: Minimal frame design works in union with distinct lens shape to increase visibility
  • Strap: Premium strap trim elevates performance and adds rich detail
  • Foam: Triple-layer face foam provides excellent moisture management
  • Lens: Anti-fog polycarbonate lens with integrated pins for seamless tear off application
  • Vents: Upper vents force air in and channel out moisture to reduce fogging
  • In the box: Extra clear lens and microfiber bag

Barstow Models

Barstow Gasby

Barstow Gasby | #956129 | $95.00

Barstow Pendleton

Barstow Pendleton | #956130 | $95.00

Barstow Deus Ex Machina

Barstow Deus Ex Machina | #956131 | $95.00

Barstow Steve Caballero

Barstow Steve Caballero | #956132 | $95.00

Barstow Roland Sands

Barstow Roland Sands | #956133 | $95.00

Barstow Rat Race

Barstow Rat Race | #956134 | $95.00

Barstow Coda

Barstow Coda | #956135 | $95.00

Barstow Carlyle

Barstow Carlyle | #956136 | $95.00

100 Barstow Goggle Collection

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