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Since 1967, Tucker Electronics has been selling, renting, and leasing quality Test Equipment to Education, Government, Small Business, Fortune 500, and Individual Accounts throughout the world. We have had the pleasure of working with professionals in nearly every technical discipline, including:

This new website represents our best effort to offer you the Best Value in today's marketplace.

For decades, you knew our company because of our extensive mailings of catalogs featuring both new and refurbished equipment. Today the widespread use of the Internet has made the production of expensive catalogs not practical. Likewise, the extensive offerings on the Internet of equipment of various degrees of quality has made it more challenging to offer fully refurbished equipment at prices competitive with other offerings. While we continue to maintain an extensive repair and calibration laboratory, we find it most cost effective to process many items with a limited calibration or full operational tests.

While we do not advertise for outside Repair and Calibration business, we will continue to support the equipment we have sold in the past along with current sales. We have one of the country's largest inventories of repair parts along with one of the largest technical manual libraries. We are happy to help support equipment that the original manufacturer no longer supports in any way.

Leasing and other Financing Programs help to make equipment more affordable. We have several Leasing Companies eager to work with you on your equipment purchases. We can sometimes offer trade-ins for your unneeded equipment to ease the cost of acquiring new equipment.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our thousands of past customers that we have had the privilege of supplying equipment to over the years. If you have had a recent change of address or e-mail address, please let us know so we can update your contact information. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jim Tucker,



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